TLC Dental



Your teeth are supported by a complex structure of gums, ligaments and bone. They are like the foundations of a building and are as important as the teeth themselves.

It’s our job to clean your gums, teeth and the tooth surfaces that you can’t see.

We can advise on problems such as gum disease, bleeding gums, mouth infections and mouth bacteria.

We believe good dental health is about far more than a “scale and polish” so we may recommend one appointment or a series of appointments – depending on what we see and what you tell us.

There are lots of reasons why an appointment could help:

Drink fruit juice or fizzy drinks? Have trouble reaching the back? Food gets trapped? – We can spot the problem and suggest solutions.

Thinking about teeth whitening? – All whitening products contain a bleaching agent and it can do harm if we apply it to unhealthy gums.

You might have been seeing your dentist regularly but still seem to be suffering with gum problems. If you think you are doing everything right, it would help to have a Full Mouth detailed charting with X-ray.

It shows areas to focus on, where brushing may be missing and the impact of illness or lifestyle. So you can improve problems such as bleeding gums, mouth infections and gum disease.