TLC Dental



At TLC we repair damaged teeth using three types of dental filling.

The most common of these are silver amalgam fillings. They are hard wearing and last a long time but, because they are silver, it’s obvious that you have a filling.

If you prefer a closer match to your natural tooth there are white composite fillings. These are less tough than amalgam fillings but no one will know you have one as the white filling will blend with your original teeth!

Finally, ceramic fillings are both incredibly strong and can be matched to an exact tooth colour. Although ceramic fillings cost a little more to produce than other fillings their durability means they offer better value over their longer lifetime.

If you are unsure which filling would be best for your individual circumstances, amalgam, white composite fillings or ceramic, we would be happy to talk you through the different options available.

Our dentists are happy to explain the options and suggest the best one for your circumstances.