TLC Dental

Children Dentistry


We all want our children to have healthy gums and teeth without fillings.

In addition to brushing teeth twice a day, regular visits to your Family dentist are an important part of keeping your children’s teeth healthy.

We always do our best to encourage and educate children about their teeth when they visit TLC Dental Centre and we make sure your children are put at ease and have fun when they visit us.

Sometimes despite how well we look after our children’s teeth they will occasionally need fillings. At TLC we offer white fillings and that blend in easily with your child’s natural teeth. They won’t even know they have them.

As well as encouraging children we also help parents with advice on how to help look after youngsters’ dental health – to delay and hopefully eradicate the need for fillings for their teeth.

We start seeing kids as young as 1-2 years old. Starting dental care early is the best way to prevent oral health problems. Getting your child acquainted with the dental clinic early helps ease anxiety and fear too.

If you would like to know more about how you can keep your children’s teeth healthy give our reception team a call and start building good dental habits for your children that will last a lifetime.