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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a unique part of dentistry that deals with preventing and treating the irregularities of the jaws and teeth. The treatments involve using specially made braces for your oral condition. The expert, who handles such cases and carries out the treatment is called an orthodontist.


Most Popular Questions

We’d love to help our visitors and clients. Here are the answers of most frequently asked questions.

CEREC technology enables us to scan your teeth and use the images to design your new ceramic or zirconia crown. The crown is then precision crafted in our state of the art milling machine – in house and whilst you wait. At the end of this process your newly formed crown will be perfectly matched to your existing teeth and securely bonded in place using a special adhesive, all within the same day. Meaning less injections and drilling!

Yes! We believe that patients should never have to experience unnecessary anxiety or worry when it comes to dental surgery.

Our friendly and experienced Anesthesiologist will help you feel relaxed and calm.

To diagnosis problems in the mouth without X-rays would be like getting your hair done with your stylists’ eyes closed, you wouldn’t want that.

Yes, X-rays do emit a small amount of radiation. However, with today’s technology, digital X-ray equipment releases far less radiation than it did years ago.

In fact, according to a recent study a series of 18 dental X-rays has 20 times less radiation than just one year of the normal background radiation we are exposed to every day from our environment. Dental X-rays also emit 5 times less radiation than taking a flight from Singapore to Bangkok!

We will explain your treatment options and help you manage the cost of dental care. Our straightforward and honest treatment plans can help you manage the costs of your dentistry.

Of course it is natural to be worried for your baby, especially when old wife’s tales are still pretty much alive in our society.

Some women may develop pregnancy gingivitis which is essentially gum inflammation cause by hormonal changes. We must always remember the any infection or inflammation in the oral cavity has the same implications as any other part of the body.

It is therefore important to go for your regular checkup during your pregnancy, with the 2nd trimester being the most suitable time.

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