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Root Canal


At TLC Dr Kevin have years of experience treating difficult root canal treatment cases, with new technology we are able to treat root canal problems with much less discomfort and better success.

Root canal is not a surgical procedure at all and not every root canal infections presents with pain as a symptom. Some teeth have chronic infection so an X-Ray is always required for further assessment before the bacteria spreads further to the jaw bone.

All teeth have root canals embedded in the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves that supply the tooth. When the tissue in the root canal gets infected you will experience what we usually call a toothache.

Sometimes it can also present as a swelling on the gums. It can be caused by large decay, trauma to the tooth, severe gum disease.

After the root canal treatment is completed, we can then begin the final restoration of the tooth which is to a crown.

There are some situations we may advise extraction of the tooth instead of root canal treatment due to poor prognosis. In these cases tooth replacement with an implant may be a better option.

At TLC Dental Centre we will be there with you every step of the way to give the support and advice you require.