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At TLC Dental Centre we know how important first impressions can be.

Did you once spend years undergoing painful orthodontic treatment and unsightly braces only to see your teeth slowly slip back to their former wonky ways? Are you one of many who are generally unhappy with the alignment of your teeth and longing for a beautiful, straight smile?

Until now, the alternatives to straighten front teeth for adults have involved either fixed wire braces, or treatments such as veneers and crowns. But all that has changed; at TLC Dental Dr Enrica uses the Invisalign to straighten teeth and give you a fantastic new smile.

You can simultaneously combine them with other cosmetic treatments, keeping tooth preparation to a minimum.

Photographs and digital impressions are taken of your teeth; from these, digital calculations are made to assess your suitability and approximate length of treatment time. All the options and associated costs will be explained. You are able to view models and images which can show you your finished smile, before you even start!

Dr Enrica is a specialist and certified provider of Invisalign and we are delighted to offer this advanced system to TLC Dental Centre.

We will be there for you every step of your journey to a winning smile, by giving full guidance, support and aftercare to enable you to keep your smile looking good for years to come.

Did you know…

Wearing Invisalign is in no way as restrictive as traditional braces? Many adults opt for this system not only because it is discreet, but also because there is no need to change your diet to avoid foods that could damage braces. This is because the Invisalign system is free of braces and brackets, instead opting for a removable tray that can be taken out prior to meals. Also, Invisalign fits well into busy adult schedules, as there is no need to attend frequent visits for wire tightening. Most patients simply change to a new aligner tray every couple of weeks.

If you have crooked or crowded teeth that are embarrassing to you or otherwise preventing you from achieving optimal oral health, Invisalign could be the solution for you. Visit us for a complete consultation to find out if you could benefit from clear orthodontics.

You will wear your aligners nearly all of the time, with the exception of about two hours per day. Invisalign treatments are different for everyone, but most patients can achieve their ideal smiles within one to two years. During that time, you can expect to make occasional dental visits to monitor your progress.

Following your treatment, you will no longer need to wear Invisalign trays. However, you will need to wear a retainer each day to help protect your new smile. It is also important to continue visiting us for routine check-ups and twice-yearly cleaning.

Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge mobile app that makes it easy to improve the quality of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners for our patients. Now you can track your progress and achieve a healthy smile more conveniently without regular in-office appointments at our dental office.

Invisalign is a popular treatment because it is convenient and easy to use. Patients’ progress is monitored with our orthodontist at an in-office appointment, but the Dental Monitoring app has introduced a new schedule-friendly alternative to traditional appointments. This can be used even for some traditional braces patients.

Dental Monitoring Video