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Pregnancy and the Dentist

Many women are cautions about visiting the dentist when they are pregnant. Of course it is natural to be worried for your baby, especially when old wife’s tales are still pretty much alive in our society. But some studies have shown that oral health is related to adverse pregnancy outcomes. The most documented is the relationship between severe gum disease and preterm/low birth weight babies, which is a significant cause of infant morbidity and mortality. Although it is only one of the risk factors that causes preterm/low birth weight babies, it is still equally as important. A research team found out that if the severe gum disease is not treated, the chance of premature delivery is much higher than compared to a mother with healthy gums. During the later part of the pregnancy some women may develop pregnancy gingivitis which is essentially gum inflammation cause by hormonal changes. It is critical to maintain good brushing and flossing habits to reduce the inflammation. A pregnant mother must always remember the any infection or inflammation in the oral cavity has the same implications as any other part of the body. It is therefore important to go for your regular checkup during your pregnancy, with the 2nd trimester being the most suitable time. At TLC Dental Centre we share your joy and we will be glad to give you any advice during the visit.