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Dental Injury


At TLC we know that accidents may not be totally avoidable.

There can be many causes of injury to the teeth. The most common are falls due to various reasons. Fortunately, we are program to break the fall with our limbs to protect our face.

There are many outcomes of injury to the teeth due to the severity of the trauma.

We will list some advice and the steps to be taken after injury to the teeth/mouth.

Do not panic. Remove any dirt or debris from the injured area. If there is bleeding, localized the bleeding and put pressure on the area. Look out for open wound and severe pain; you may need to be treated at the hospital.
Usually it is the front teeth that are affected. Look out for any chipped/fractured areas of the teeth, loosening of the teeth, and change in position of the teeth. If you observed any of these signs please call us immediately for further assessment if the situation. If possible find and bring the fracture tooth to our clinic. It will be great if you have a recent close up smiling photo of yourself so that we have an idea of how your teeth looks like before the accident.

If the tooth is missing from the mouth. Look for the tooth immediately. If you can find the tooth wash the tooth gently with saline or water, DO NOT touch the root area of the tooth. Soak the tooth in saline or milk, water is not so ideal due to the difference in osmotic content. Come to our clinic immediately. The chance of the tooth surviving depends on the time spent out of the mouth, the condition of the tooth (any cracks are not good) and the location where the tooth is found (dirty places like the drain means that the tooth will have a lot of dirt and bacteria). We will then decide whether the tooth is suitable to be placed back into the mouth.

X-rays will be necessary to assess the situation before any treatment is done.

If you really cannot find the tooth, we will then clean up the wound and discuss the options available to replace the lost tooth with you.

Sometimes the symptoms may only show up months after the fall so it is important to go for regular check-up.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you need any help.

Cracked Tooth


Modern dentistry is helping people keep their teeth longer. Because people are living longer and more stressful lives, they are exposing their teeth to many more years of wear.

A tooth may crack due to a variety of reasons:

  • Chewing on hard objects or food
  • An accident
  • Grinding and Clenching
  • Uneven chewing pressure
  • Loss of tooth structure due to decay and fillings
  • Exposure to temperature extremes
  • No crown done after root canal treatment

At TLC we know that you love your food and your teeth, so prevention may be a better option than cure. Talk to us if you are concern about your habits that may cause problems in the future.